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Inside Scoop: RA Compensation Cut

January 11th, 2009

Thought that the financial cuts weren’t affecting students? They are now!

In an unofficial warning to current Residence Life Staff, the Residence Life Professional Staff gave a warning that within the week, a decision will be made by administration to change Resident Assistant (RA) compensation packages for next year. Instead of getting free room and board, they will be given an arbitrary amount (they guessed at around $5,000, while room and board for a year can run up to $10,000).

We can only hope that this doesn’t cause current ResLife staff to leave their positions, but we can be sure that this will not help attract the best and brightest. While RA’s shouldn’t be in it just for the money, the money makes it possible for many to participate in the first place instead of getting a job elsewhere.

RA’s are the first line of defense for students living in residence halls and help with problems ranging from physical room deficiencies to students dealing with depression, suicide, roommate issues, and other things. RA’s are essential to the Residence Life staff, and do more work than is apparently recognized by the higher-ups. We applaud their staff for what they do.

This, as well as ‘other major announcements’ will be coming down the pike this week. Get ready for an intense week!

Oh… And welcome back to RPI.

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